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Is your relationship in a Crisis? Do you need an Immediate Intervention to save you marriage or significant relationship? Did you recently experience betrayal or a life altering event? Perhaps you are a couple who does not have the time to invest in weekly couple’s therapy. Intensive Couples Therapy/Marathon maybe just what you need to reinstate your love for one another.

Intensive/Marathon therapy sessions are the equivalent to approximately four months of therapy. It offers an intensive approach to therapy that can help couples work through their issues, learn helpful interventions and provide helpful resources in a short amount of time.

At Hopeful Expectations Counseling & Consulting Group PLLC, we understand that not all couples have the time to commit to the traditional couple’s sessions. This model is for couples who are truly committed to the processes of  working through their issues in a short period of time. Sessions are a minimum of eight hours and can take up to 20+ hours over the course of a weekend. Each couple’s situations are unique; therefore, a consultation is needed to determine the details of your therapy.

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