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Respectful Communication: A Key Ingredient for Healthy Relationships.

"You and your partner have two completely different minds that have been constructed over decades and continue to evolve," says Steven Dziedzic, founder of the Lasting app. "That means you'll think and feel differently about practically everything and find yourselves in big and small disagreements.

That's also why, in a conflict, the objective isn't to 'win,' like many think—it's to understand your partner's perspective." Dziedzic encourages couples to remember that their partner's opinion is valid and worthy of respect, even when they're tempted to think it's not.

"In a relationship, one of your most important jobs is to make consistent attempts to better understand what your partner is thinking and why," says Dziedzic. "The more knowledge you have about your partner, the more resilient your relationship can become."

What is one thing that you’ve noticed your partner thinks differently about?

How can you allow/create the space for them to think uniquely as they do? 

Terra Edgerton

Counseling Intern at Hopeful Expectations Counseling

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